"Hello world", -Kyle Simukka

This is my personal and professional website. I don't yet have a plan of what I will do with this version of my website, but I want it to be simple, minimal, and fast.


I love computers, sound, video, and the process of building things.


It is difficult for me to talk about myself, but it is a skillset that I want to improve upon.

As a young child I was enamored with computers and the Internet.

What started as a hobby eventually turned into a career that I have been very grateful to enjoy.

But over the years the Internet has changed and that joy and excitement has faded.

I want to rediscover that joy and appreciate the technology and the people behind it.

For example, I'm writing this text from Norway over SSH to a server located in the USA with Vim.

SSH is a protocol for secure remote login.

It was created by the Finnish computer scientist, Tatu Ylönen and has since evolved into a powerful tool.

I want to do more with less and appreciate the people, time, and resources.

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